Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Using Independent Work Binders in the South African Mainstream Classroom

Independent binders are a great way of helping the learners in your class develop independent learning. This, I find particularly true in a special needs environment. Not only is it true, it is also an essential part of a special needs classroom.
But, while I realise just how important this is in my special needs classroom. I began thinking about how they can be used in a mainstream class. 

Create centers in your class
Have an area in your classroom which your learners are able to access throughout the day. In this area, place a learning activity (read:binder) which your learners need to complete at some point throughout the day. In order to do this, laminate the pages of the binder you would like to use, and supply the area with whiteboard markers for your learners to use. This activity may be math, literacy, or life skill related. It may even be an art activity. Not only, are you able to assess their level of independence, but also their level of task initiation, and task completion. 

It may also keep those fast workers occupied for a little while, and give you some time to work with your weaker learners. 

Make flashcards
Use these to create ladybug themed
The binders do not have to be used strictly in the sense that you would like them to be used. You can also use them as different themed flashcards. Take the Spring themed bundle and create alphabet and number flashcards as well as colour flashcards. 

Or create snail themed flashcards.
Play games
You can play games, such as snap, or even memory with what is included in the bundle. Again, print and laminate what you need and you have an instant themed game for your class. Remember, if you have different levels of groups in your class, while you are focusing on one group, you may be able to keep the other group occupied with a game. Or, use the game as a fun reinforcement activity of a concept you have been teaching. I always find games seem to help get the concept across.

If you have any more ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments below.