Sunday, March 8, 2015

Creating Workbox Tasks

Hi everyone!!
Sorry we have been so quiet recently. Both of us have had some major changes happening... But we're getting back to normality slowly.
I thought for our first post of the year, I would introduce you all to something I have been looking rather closely into. Workbox Tasks.
Workbox tasks are a great way for creating independent learning. They will provide your learners with structure and routine - in a special needs environment, these two are tantamount to success.
To begin with a workbox classroom, you will need to create independent work stations for each child - these need to be free from all distractions, if you're lucky enough and have space use dividers between the desks to create cubicles. Only use these stations for worktasks, you still want the social aspect of teaching when doing group learning.
Create a schedule for your learners to show them how much work they need to complete when they are working on work tasks.

Now for the tasks:
Firstly, I would like to show you two of mine which I have just created, these two are what we call 'put in/on tasks'. These are the most basic of tasks, and this is what you begin with when introducing your learners to workbox tasks.

First I created a matching task:

Start off with an ice cream box - you can get them from any of the Westpack Shops or plastic shops, get some plastic eggs - also a Westpack item, and some foam numbers from the crazy store. 

Get the kids in the class to match the numbers and close the eggs - this is great for fine motor tasks as well.

When they have finished, make sure they put the completed egg back into the box, complete the other eggs and pack them all away. 

The second task I have included, is a fun one for Easter -

Pick up some more eggs from westpack, and I found these very cute little chicks at China Mall. The eggs are R12 for 10 and the chicks were R2 each. 
Get the kids to put the chicks into the eggs to complete the task - or take them out, if they are unable to put the eggs together.

I hope this gives you some insight into the world of workbox tasks. Have fun with it!

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