Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to show parents just how important reading at home is.

I can remember being read to from a very little girl, and then I started reading myself. I have always loved books, and a good book is a great form of relaxation for me. While this is true for many of us, many children grow up without books in their house and without learning to love books. So how can we change this? And, really how important is it?!

Well to start off with, tell your parents that they only need to do it for 20 minutes a day (I'll explain this just now). Make it fun though! Most of my experiences with children who do not want to read, are simply bored and uninterested in what they are reading. Take topical topics, their favourite show, favourite celebrity and let them read about that.Use the child's interests to allow them to foster a love for reading and books.
But now, back to the 20 minutes, a child who reads for 20 minutes a day, will by the end of their sixth grade have been exposed to 1 800 000 words! That is quite incredible!

Included is an infographic that details the above.

So next time you have a parent complain to you about reading homework, show them this!