Monday, May 5, 2014

Getting parents involved in their child's education Part 1 - ECD

It is important for teachers to be involved in their class' education, but more often than not our parents take a backstep. This can be immensely frustrating! We know that children benefit more from involvement from both parties, but we don't often see this. So how can we encourage this?

  • Create a question box
Create a box with very simple questions in it. Every morning parents need to look at a question in the box and discuss it with their child.

  • Stay and Play Day
Have the kids create invitations to their parents, and invite them to the school for an afternoon. Not only will this encourage positive relationships between staff and teachers, but will also encourage relationships amongst parents. This may be particularly helpful for new parents. Have some organised games prepared as well...

  • Guest Speakers
Most parents sometimes feel intimidated by their child's education and may not know how to get involved. Have an information session, be open with your parents or get in a guest speaker to specifically discuss learning opportunities for parents.

Lastly, develop a relationship with your parents. Take some time and get to know them, they may just need someone to chat to.