Sunday, November 17, 2013

Transport theme

Transport is one of those themes that many teachers feel is overdone and has become quite boring, but a theme in your class is what you make of it and what fun we had over the last two weeks doing our transport theme. The kids absolutely loved it and worked like superstars!
If you are looking for a great theme board idea, why not paint your own none like Teacher Vicky did
with hers.

The kids had so much fun filling the board up with different modes of transport.

 We also painted up a big robot, and the kids then had to go and look for objects that were the same colours as the different light signals on the robot.

The kids loved making mosaic robots (probably because they could make a mess and not get into trouble) they had to tear coloured paper and then stick it into the correct circle. For this all you need to do is download our template at the end of this post and let your class do the rest. (Click here for the template)

 We then made aeroplanes out of toilet roll holders, these are so simple to make (click here for the tutorial).


To end off our first week in class we went on an outing to Kidz Traffic Land in Balfour Park Shopping centre. This was an absolute treat for the kids! They were all issued with their own drivers' licenses and had to obey the rules of the road (including watching the working robots) - such wonderful experiential learning took place. There were quite a few accidents and 'fines' issued but the kids loved every minute of it. Inspector Pana, who is the owner, was an absolute star with the kids and very patiently explained the rules of the road. (Go have a look at their website here

 And to end off our fun filled two weeks, the kids brought in their projects! These ranged from aeroplanes, to boats, to trains. It looks like both kids and moms and dads had a lot of fun with these projects and we have some wonderful results! The kids then had to do a presentation on their project to the rest of the school, they told us how they made them and who helped them.