Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bugs and Buttons is free!!

So Bugs and Buttons 2 is free... I am not sure how long this app is free for, but do yourself a favour and go have a look! It is usually $2.99 which is roughly around R33.
The graphics on it are incredible and it is a lot of fun, particularly for the little ones who are learning matching and sorting skills! Older children will also have fun with this app, and it's really great for developing hand eye coordination.

My only complaint with it is that it has an alphabet section which may confuse your kids as they use the letter names for the alphabet sequence. Barring this, I found the app to be a lot of fun and quite varied - your kids shouldn't get too bored too quickly with this app!

It includes 18 different games, which get harder as you play - really great as it keeps up with your child's pace and allows them to see where they are going wrong! Among these games your child can learn counting, sorting, pinching, balance, works on developing memory skills, shapes, visual perceptive skills, parts of the body and so much more! The games are fun and the bugs that come onto your screen every now and then are super cute!! And as I mentioned earlier, the game may get harder, but it never becomes too difficult for your child to complete a level.Because of the letter sounds, I will give this app 4 out of 5 stars! But, go and have a look at this awesome app and see what you think..