Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What to do for Mandela Day (18/06/2014)

So Mandela day is approaching, and we have all heard about the 67 minutes of doing something good in our communities, or for those who are less fortunate. Many of our kids are currently on holiday, but that is not a reason to let them stay at home and not get them involved. And for those teachers who are working, get your class involved. 

Lets create responsible citizens who give back to their society or community. But, what should we get them to do?

  • Start a blanket/food drive for those who have no blankets or food - particularly in this cold weather. When you have collected a certain amount, get the kids to hand over the items.
  • Collect food for the local animal shelter, or blankets. They are always appreciative of any donations.
  • Run a soup kitchen from your school for the day - approach a local supermarket and ask them for donations, let the kids make the soup and hand it out. Get the parents involved for this one.
  • Ask the kids to collect books, and donate them to a poorer school - you could also get the kids to read a story.
  • Go pick up litter outside of the school grounds.
  • Take the children to an old age home or an orphanage and let them read to the elderly or abandoned. 
Moms and Dads
  • Get your kids to sort through their toys and clothes and donate them.
  • Spend a day at an animal shelter and offer to take the dogs for a walk, or play with the cats. If you're feeling brave, help clean out the enclosures.
  • Go pick up litter around your neighbourhood.
  • Take some flowers, or bake something nice to take to an old age home or an orphanage. 
I'm sure there are many more things to do, these are just a few suggestions. And as long as we keep giving back and helping others, we will be living up to the expectation of Nelson Mandela, and hopefully contributing somewhat to the legacy he left behind.

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